Space Engagers unlocks the potential of citizens and data.

All our communities face many significant social and environmental challenges. At Space Engagers we believe that citizens and local data are key resources in addressing these challenges.

We develop digital and non-digital solutions that use mapping to enable communities to play an active role. With engaged citizens revealing real local data we can co-create positive change together.


Engaging citizens with local issues


Generating local data


Co-creating positive change

Citizens know their local area and communities better than anyone else.

In all our projects we work with a defined community to address identified local issues where change is desired. We help shift the narrative from intractable problems to opportunities for working towards a positive future. Mapping together for better.



Reusing Dublin


Urban Greening

Opportunity Spaces Aarhus


Urban Regeneration

Longford Nua

Our projects demonstrate that mapping can engage citizens with the spaces they live in, and help bring about positive change.

“I pay more attention to spaces in my everyday life after using the app.” 

“I looked for new spaces in the town I know so well. It opened my eyes.”

Aarhus University Masters Students

“Crowdsourced data on the Reusing Dublin platform allows us to continuously improve our understanding of the issue and track the opportunities that exist to re-use vacant homes.”

Francis Doherty, The Peter McVerry Trust

Please get involved: send us your ideas or contribute to a project happening near you.

Mapping together for better


Space Engagers is a social enterprise founded by Aoife Corcoran and Philip Crowe in 2016, emerging from their research on the EU TURAS project in UCD , which explored what urban resilience, or how cities can adapt to change, means in practice.

Their research concluded that to address local social and environmental issues effectively we need the whole community to get involved, we need better data at the local scale, and we need new ways of doing things.

Space Engagers received a ThinkTech award in 2016 from Social Innovation Fund Ireland, supported by and the Department of Housing, Planning, Communities and Local Government.

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